Thursday, September 22, 2011


When it comes to UK shows going to the USA i'm always sceptical , but when i saw this guy do the funniest prince impression i've ever seen in my life, he had my sister and I on the fall floor with laughter and tears. He is so wrong, its right lol, his jeans are too tight, his hair is to long, he's a diva and he is wearing heels? Need i say more? for your viewing pleasure i give you the one and only..... Prince    sorry I mean Siamese Floyd haha. 

Enjoy :)

On Hiatus Part 2: Back In October 2011

Hi Guys, gosh i've neen a bad blogger havent I? but I have been M.I.A for a long time. Due to lack of inspiration and a bit of laziness. The good thing is i'll be back with more goodies and interesting things to share, so please bare with me and keep reading my blog. I'm very grateful for all the support and followers, cya soon. Muah xxx