Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coolness: Michael Jackson Life of an Icon

Anything Michael Jackson, you will find me buying , so if your a major fan like me please get this dvd. I've currently purchased it and will tell you the reviews when i watch it, I still truly miss this man presence :(, check out the trailer.

LOL: Clown shoes!

Bhahahahaha, my bestie Ngozi caught this picture of a lady with abnormally large shoes in our local home town shopping centre, I mean gheeze louise, clearly she isn't  a size 19??? this moment was captured when she apparently used her shoe to attack a Native American music group( LMAO) 

Thanks to ngozi for this "photo journalism" moment, classic, look at the people in the background, jokes!!!.

picture taking with a blackberry

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

R.I.P: Heavy D :(

Gheeze two legends in a row this week, Heavy D aka Dwight Arrington Myers passed away yesterday, a popular figure in the Hip Hop Scene. May his soul rest in hip hop peace! :( 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

R.I.P: Joe Frazier 1944-2011

Rest in piece, the boxing legend died of liver cancer :( such a terrible disease.

Monday, November 07, 2011

News: Justice for Michael Jackson


Devil Dr Conrad has been found guilty for manslaughter.....that's right mate, you better wipe that cheesy grin of your face!!!

LOL: Janice It Hurts

Now... i'm not a sadist or find bad situations funny, but what cracks me up the most about this video is him saying "Janice" like 1000 times haha, that really makes me laugh, poor kid, and what a cruel women haha!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

LOL: Nigerian School of Motoring

My lovely Nigerian homie Babz showed me these pictures last night of her having her first driving lessons in Nigeria!, I couldn't believe how funny and odd it was, i literally dived to the floor in shock....let me give you a picture illustration for your visual pleasure, so guys can understand!!!, OMG 

This is the driving lesson car that all students must use, it's a 1960s beetle that has been pimped up to a cop car/driving car/science experiment thing...ummm yes haha!!

the sexy interior with the driving instructor(feeettttt) <------- LMAO!!!

My brave homie babz (knee right lol ---->) and the driving instructor who decided to drive without shoes, is that even safe???? OMG

The stirring wheel and the comfy seats hahah!!

Clutch, brakes, accelerator and rust.....BAHAHAHAH!

The gear stick..hahahaha!!

Now this is the funniest picture thus far, before you actually hit the mean streets of Ikeja, Lagos, you must use a car simulator.......WTF!!!!! this is tooooo funny! 


A big thank you to my good friend barbara aka babz for this "photo journalism" moment, I love my crazy west african people.