Sunday, November 06, 2011

LOL: Nigerian School of Motoring

My lovely Nigerian homie Babz showed me these pictures last night of her having her first driving lessons in Nigeria!, I couldn't believe how funny and odd it was, i literally dived to the floor in shock....let me give you a picture illustration for your visual pleasure, so guys can understand!!!, OMG 

This is the driving lesson car that all students must use, it's a 1960s beetle that has been pimped up to a cop car/driving car/science experiment thing...ummm yes haha!!

the sexy interior with the driving instructor(feeettttt) <------- LMAO!!!

My brave homie babz (knee right lol ---->) and the driving instructor who decided to drive without shoes, is that even safe???? OMG

The stirring wheel and the comfy seats hahah!!

Clutch, brakes, accelerator and rust.....BAHAHAHAH!

The gear stick..hahahaha!!

Now this is the funniest picture thus far, before you actually hit the mean streets of Ikeja, Lagos, you must use a car simulator.......WTF!!!!! this is tooooo funny! 


A big thank you to my good friend barbara aka babz for this "photo journalism" moment, I love my crazy west african people.

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  1. Hahahahhahahah!!!!! Love this stuff. Really need to go get
    that experience, lol! U must say that they are very very
    resourceful ;-). Lol


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