Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love Music: M.I.A-Bad Girls

I love M.I.A, because she's  always pushing the artistry of music video, style and music. This video was definitely one of those "come again" moments???!!!. Is she really in what looks like Saudi Arabia, hanging lean on cars with arabic boys???. I really haven't seen there culture been glamourise in this way EVER! but love it or hate it, she's a bad bitch...I mean that with the upmost respect. I've watch this video about four times now. I love the song and its gonna get peoples attention, whats your opinion please?

Enjoy :)

I Love Music: Chris Brown-Turn Up The Music

The song's ok in my opinion, but I really love the video and the dance moves. I see he has channelled the late great Michael Jackson, who is a source of his inspiration, good job Chris. I wouldn't want to get into a bump n grind moment with him, he'll wipe the floor with me, haha! 

Enjoy :) x

Monday, January 23, 2012

LOL:You Know You Are Ghanaian When...

hahahah another funny video, this is uncanny, cause we have the exact same things in our home too... LOL, classic.

LOL: Ghanaian Facial Expressions

This young lady is soooo funny, i stumbled across her videos when i was looking for Ghanaians songs, she's so funny, she got these facial expressions down to a T. I'm Ghanaian as well so it seriously makes me laugh.


Monday, January 16, 2012

I Love Music: Dj Fresh Ft Rita Ora- Hot Right Now

Love Dj Fresh and this girl has swag for years, british talent is surely on the map, enjoy x

I Love Music: Delilah-Love You So

This is a sick tune, love drum n bass, the lyrics are beautiful and the sound is a bit haunting, love, love it!


Monday, January 02, 2012

Life: Happy New Year 2012!!!

Happy 2012 Everyone, thanks to everyone for following my blog, hope your having a great NEW YEAR SO FAR
lets make 2012 bigger and better than 2011

Peace and Love x

Jasmine :)