Thursday, September 30, 2010

R.I.P:Tony Curtis 1925-2010

He was a living legend and an all around nice man
May his soul rest in heavenly peace.

Didn't he look like a lost member of Duran Duran in this stance? lol!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Want You: Camera,Lights and Action!

This is the segment on my blog where i share the things i want to have, simply titled,
"I Want You"
Camera's, Camera's!, I've been obsessed with cameras since i was child, especially instant film. I own about three cameras, two 1980s instant Polaroid cameras and a standard digital camera. As I'm really into photography I started to get into cameras again. Unfortunately i work a tedious unmotivated boring 9-5( to pay bills) so I'm compelled to have a creative outlet, still trying to get into my profession(Journalism). I love messing around with images, and seeing what comes out.

I'm going on a short city break to Rome, Italy with my best friend and cousin for her 26th bday in November, i seriously can't wait and i really want to capture the stunning city in it's glory, so I'm going to buy an amazing new camera, and finally build up my collection, I've been obsessing over.
I honestly believe you don't have to be a professional to be a good photographer, just have a good eye and be creative.

These are the cameras I'm looking to purchase in the coming months:

FujiFilm Instax 210


Lomography Fish Eye Camera
Flip Camera Video

& The Canon G11 Camera

Cya xx

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guy Candy: Hayden Christensen

It's time again ladies, hold on to your wigs!

Without further or do:

I Present, Guy Candy Off The Week:

Hayden Christensen

Occupation: Charismatic handsome Actor/Model
Ethnicity: Danish,Swedish,and Italian(drools)
Quirkiness: His smouldering voice,His cute facial expressions, Canadian
Why I like Him: Talented, nice eyes,Tall, Sexy, All round nice guy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Love Music: Underworld-Born Slippy

I absolutely love this song, not only does it match the movie trainspotting beautifully(great movie too) , it's a fantastic track( still don't understand what being born slippy means ha), but brings a lot of memories for me when i was an 11 year old back in 1996, discovering my eclectic taste in music (sighs), don't you just love when movies and music marry perfectly together?
I'll do a post on that soon!!
Any Danny Boyle movie always wins me over!
enjoy :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coco's World:Her Likes and Dislikes

This is our family dog Coco, she's almost 19 weeks(4.5 months) old and she's a right little terror, but is playful, beautiful and very affectionate, but can sometimes believe she is a German Shepard. We've had her since she was 7.5 weeks old and it's been an adventure. She's half Pomeranian(hyper and petite) and English Springer Spaniel( intelligent and energetic) just thought I'll share some things about her on the blog.

tired after playing with other doggies!
She looks innocent, but she isn't , she's praying someones feeds her! :-)

Likes: Food, the garden,hogging toys,barking at the air, licking,playing and anything that squeaks.

Dislikes: Cats,being alone, the blow dryer,the vacuum cleaner, the wheelie bin,being told off and the rain.

Note: Taken by Blackberry, hence the not so good quality pics

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guy Candy: James Franco

This is the segment on my blog where I pay homage to some of the finest men on the planet(in my humble opinion at least). You may not agree with all of them, but I do not discriminate. In real life, I actually like all types of men, all races, all faces.
Anything from skater boys, tattoo boys, classically handsome boys,sweet boys, odd ball boys, artistic boys, dancer boys, Intelligent boys and funny boys, hell, I just like boys-period :-).

I Present, Guy Candy Off The Week:

James Franco

Occupation: Amazing Sexy Actor/Model
Ethnicity: Portuguese,Swedish,Jewish and Russian(drools)
Quirkiness: His Acting roles,His Crooked smile, He smiles with his eyes(so cute)
Why I like Him: Talented, He tooo fine, All round nice guy

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fashion: American Apparel vs Roller Boogie The Movie 1979

Many people who know me ,know I'm obsessed with vintage things, especially the decades the 1950s and 1970s(seriously, I was born in the wrong decade-the mid 80s to be exact).... but I digress. A few days ago I bought Roller Boogie the movie (yes it's cheesy, but it's the 1970s, what can I say). I really only bought it because i love disco music, roller skating and late 70s fashion, Linda Blair(the exorcist) looked stunning in this movie too, cute, but what a cheesy story line. Anyways, as i was watching, i didn't realise how much American Apparel have modelled their clothing line from this movie, I love AA by the way-very over priced, but it's like a non second hand 1970s candy store heaven.

I'm always researching movies and fashion, so i was pleasantly surprised to find out that AA actually played this movie in their stores back in 2006 as a homage to the movie, they basically saw this movie and decided to buy all the type of material they used in the disco era, and hey presto, AA was born in downtown LA, were the movie was shot too.

I was a little shocked to hear AA are in financial trouble though, honestly if AA closed down i would be seriously depressed, I like vintage but at the same time i love to buy retro remakes too, i'm always praying that they can slash the stupid prices, because £20 for a T-shirt is ridiculous, and there questionable advertising sometimes reminds me of the sleazy seventies, but i love there clothes too death. I've got some movie stills, courtesy of and the rest are from the AA website, so you can see the similarities.

Have you heard the rumour about American Apparel being in debt and what are your thoughts about it?