Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Help: How do I use photobucket for my blog?

Hi guys can anyone help please? I want to use photobucket, i already have an account but I dont know how to use it, could anyone let me know please, so i can improve my blog!!!!


  1. its pretty straight forward you need to sign in and then press the upload button and thats that x

  2. it seems pretty simple, but i cant seem to post the pics ive uploaded on to my blog??? i feel like such an idiot as im pretty good with things like that, but il try again, thanks for your help x

  3. Hey girl, it's ur cuz. Good going on the blog. This is so bad..I'm going to have to add you to my list of daily blogs I read everyday..I'm never gonna get a life at this rate. I'm slightly OCD about spelling mistakes and you've ticked all the right boxes so far ha! Hope to see more stuff.

    Can I also recommend dlisted.com as a source of celeb news if you ever get writer's blog.

    Oh btw, we're so gonna have arguments about Cheryl Cole and the Telephone video.


  4. haha hey beautiful, do i have many typos??? haa, your comments are always appreciated and please put me at number one on your blogs to read, thanks! ha


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