Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cringe:We Buy Any Car dot com (sorry girl)

Lol my bff will not appreciate this post at all, but i really do love YouTube, it celebrated it's 5th birthday this week,seriously though what was i doing before YouTube??? i have no idea? as you can see from my blog i am a HUGGGGGGGGGGEEE fan of YouTube, i love finding songs that i haven't heard for years, looking at weird and wonderful nonsense and of course posting my own videos.

Anyways, this advert is British and it really makes me laugh, only because it makes me cringe big time. I mean a dancing 50 year old salesman?? wtf, ok.... maybe he is in his forties, but must he break, pop,slide,lock and do a John Travolta signature stance whilst promoting the company and wear a suit all at the same time?? disgusting!!!, it's all so wrong, yet so right. Everytime i see it, i imitate him hahaha, creeps my mother out, maybe because he may just be a better dancer than me, shocking, enjoy or not enjoy ha!

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