Friday, January 14, 2011

Guy Candy:Keanu Reeves

Ok ladies hold on to your strapless bras!

Without further or do

I Present Guy Candy of The Week:

Keanu Reeves

I love vintage Keanu Reeves, still gorgeous now, but in his youth, wooooow!
Age:46(he still looks amazing)
Occupation: Amazing Actor
Ethnicity: English, Irish, Portuguese, Hawaiian and chinese(aka why he is sooo beautiful)
Quirkiness: His shyness, born in Lebanon, smooth voice and Canadian
Why I like Him: G
ood film roles, talented, humble, modest, gorgeous, nice voice& ooh and very gorgeous

Enjoy xx

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  1. you like candy. thats cute. i like it sometimes too but not too much. :() ,,,,taimicia, clean n clear or natalyia,,,,, nat or t,,,,,,,....


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