Thursday, June 24, 2010

Venting: Reality Vs Dreams

Hey guys, just wanted to come on my blog and vent for a bit(if you don't mind).I've neglected actually why i wanted to blog in the first place, not just for my love of creativity and expression, but i love to write and bare my soul to random strangers, well those who actually care. It's like this, I'm very ambitious, fussy and know what i want, so for the past two years since i graduated from university with a journalism degree, i 've been in a whirlwind of emotions, landing in jobs that are media related but boring and not relevant to what I want to do. If i could get paid to blog, man that would be a dream. After 10 months of unhappiness at a crummy job, i took a week off and promised myself that within that week, I'll get a job, my dad thought it was impossible, but i realised that when you put your mind to anything, and i mean anything, it can be achieved and i beat the odds and got a job, within 5 days.

Now here comes the science part, job=some money, but boring=unhappiness, unfulfillment, staleness and what the hell am doing here look on my face. The saddest part is,not everybody gets the opportunity to live their dreams, but i am adamant, that i will soon, so what would you do, give up, suck it up or keep trying? I'm at breaking point haa!

P/S: Micheal Jackson 1 year anniversary coming up SOON, if your a fan, come on the blog tomorrow xx

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