Thursday, July 08, 2010

I Love Music: Beyonce and Alicia Keys

I'm still up at 2.20 am, but i was on YouTube and saw this Beyonce video, firstly freaking sick ass video and secondly, the beat is soooo 70s funk, you know that blaxploitation soundtrack vibe, amazing!!!!! this is the best video I've seen in ages, put a vintage stamp on it, and I'm dying happily inside.
And we also have the incredibly talented and beautiful Alicia Keys, doing it vintage themed too, directed by British video director Jake Nava, he has done some incredible videos in his career(jealous).
love love love this video, powerful message-it really touched me, co-starring Chad Micheal Murray(soo cute), what else can a girl ask for!!!!


  1. Love this Beyonce's video!
    especially when she's drinking martini


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