Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nostalgia: Rare Vintage MJ Interview and Studio 54

I'm always on YouTube looking for vintage interviews, (as a journalist, this would be an amazing opportunity to interview these mega stars) I would love to teleport back to the 1970s( especially the late 70s), hands down my favourite decade of all time!......followed by the 80s and the 1950s, and studio 54 would be an amazing experience, don't you think? Funny, i'm not really a "party girl" but i would defo let it rip in that place haha. When i came across this video, I died, firstly did you see that Afro mike was sporting, he was soooo adorable, that's an enormous amount of hair haha, Liza Minnelli, a true living legend, i love love love her!. I've got some amazing pics of my parents from that decade that i will be posting on the blog soon, my parents cringe, but i love the clothes and attitude of that decade, and who can't forget the amazing music?, Que Bee Gees "You should be dancing"
Disco Doesn't Suck ha. Enjoy :-)


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