Friday, October 08, 2010

Coolness: Perfume Ads With A Throwback Twist!

I'm an 80s baby and i'm completely obsessed with anything from the past, the fashion, the music, technology, the TV shows......just everything really, i should really let it go, but i can't :-(. I actually go all giddy when i see throwbacks like these adverts.

Lately, I've been obsessed with with these fragrance adverts by Chloe and Gucci, they are fantastic!-don't you think?. I love the use of the old school music, fashion, vision and just the artistry of capturing that authentic 70s and 80s imagery, i wish i was the creative director for this project.

For the past few years I've also collected some 70s to early 80s vogue magazines (i'm a collector) and it really looks like they've been doing their home work, or they've been watching movies like An American Gigolo (1980) and Moment by Moment (1978). it's 25 seconds of pure bliss.
enjoy! :-)
Latest advert by Chloe
I love this perfume so much ;-)

My Future Husband, James Franco stars in it! lol
Cya xx

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