Friday, October 01, 2010

Purchases: FujiFilm Instanx 210 Camera

I finally bought a new instant camera today and I'm soooo happy!!!!. When Polaroid died, i was devastated, thought that was it :-( and as a creative person, having that instant gratification does wonders for the soul,I've bought a lot of film so i will be having fun with it. The only negative side of this camera is that it's a little bulky, it's light, but not as cute as a Polaroid camera and it takes batteries, but honestly i'm just happy a huge firm like Fuji are doing it.

Anyways, if your into instant film, i recommend it, the pics are great, has simple features too,
or the mini instanx camera, love you FujiFilms!:-).

One down, a few more cameras to go!
Cya xx


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  2. omg i was actually looking for that! thank you so much :D

  3. your more than welcome, have fun with it xx

  4. thats so cool! i really want a polaroid camera!


  5. This is so awesome!

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  6. THis is so awesome!!!!
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  7. thanks marie-louise means a lot, nice name xxx


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