Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fashion:Spot the Difference,Karla's Closet vs

Just another quiet Sunday for me in South London folks and there I was, minding my own business, i decided to myself: "hey...why not check out" and as I flicked through the pages, one by one, something caught my eye, it was a blouse that look very similar to my favourite fashion blogger Karla from Karla's Closet...hmmmmm very suspect. I have a photographic memory,so i checked out Karla's Closet to double check if it looked similar and I was right, Asos did a replica of her entire outfit!.

It just goes to show how big and influential fashion bloggers are becoming to the mainstream now, the roles are starting to reverse.It was us looking to the mainstream for inspiration, now it's the mainstream looking to bloggers for inspiration, they are even designing hand bags, amazing right!?. Anyways this isn't a negative jibe at Asos because i actually bought it myself and it has sold out in record time!...not sure if Karla got any credit for this one though?, but it surely looks to me like a creativity swag!. I say thank goodness for Asos, as it's the place to go when your looking for that item you just can't seem to locate anywhere else, so thanks Asos!

EDIT: The item arrived today and it wasn't up to scratch, so i will be returning it, as £30 is to much for this top. See, you can be imitated, but never duplicated!!


  1. Hey, I defo agree, Karla's is stunning, but i guess i'll see when it arrives, if not well i will be asking for a refund haa! thanks for visiting!

  2. Love Asos, my fav online shop so far!!! and bloggers sure do have a big influence now!

    xoxo jenna

  3. LOVE it
    your blog is so inspirational
    keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always!


  4. love it!

    im following you, you 2 ?!


  5. thanks Helenskie for the love, will defo follow you! x

  6. how interesting, i love karla! it's too bad the top wasn't up to scratch...

  7. That's so interesting, goes to show how good style she has.

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  9. wow, both outfits look so similar!!


  10. Wow good catch! Yes I've been noticing this more and more. Zara is selling shirts with drawings of Tavi and Betty without their consent right now - inspiring or illegal?

    xx FujiFiles


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