Saturday, May 08, 2010

Music Legend of The Month: Madonna

Surprisingly i didn't put Micheal Jackson as my first Music Legend of The Month post.....funny? but I've been listening to a lot of Madge music lately thanks to Glee! (which i love by the way). I also have her celebration album too, but what really gets under my skin is some of my favourite "underrated" songs by her which i love but never make it on to her greatest hits albums? why Madonna, why? where is "Dear Jessie", "Oh Father", "Causing A Commotion", and "Human Nature"?- so frustrating, they are some of my favourites songs by her,maybe she needs to do a singles album and i mean every single she's ever realised to date!.
I think Madonna's ballads are one of the best songs ever written, i mean songs like-"live to tell", "take a bow,"crazy for you" and "Is la Bonita" are stunning. I was a baby/child in the 80s so being a Madonna fan was inevitable. Madonna to me epitomises what a pop star/legend should be:

Talented,Fierce,Artistic,Fearless,Amazing Music,Amazing Videos,Amazing Concerts,Longevity,Versatile & Controversial!

Madonna, I salute you,enjoy these great songs/videos from yesteryear's!:-)

What are some of your favourite songs by her?

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