Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Love Music: Stonebridge with Therese-Put 'em' High Remix

Sorry for the lack of blogging, the borrowed laptop i was using stopped working , so blogging is going to be pretty slow until i get a new one, so annoying. Anyways it's been a busy and stressful couple of weeks, that consisted on me turning a quarter of a century (good times), friends birthday's, job hunting, getting screwed over by job agencies(you know who you are) and preparing for an interview that I'm not really interested in going, but i guess i have to be grateful. The problem i am having is that i just want to be in a career that i will love.....is that a lot to ask?? i really don't want to sacrifice my journalism career, but i need steady money to fund my dreams i guess and at the moment being a paid journalist isn't happening, so you got to make you own dreams come true.

Anyways when i start to feel tense or frustrated with everyday life, I always play a chill out song right before i go to bed and i have so many that i love, but recently this has been the song on constant repeat on my ipod, it really makes me believe I am on a beach, can't wait for July!, enjoy :-)! Night x


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