Friday, February 12, 2010

Life:Introduction to me and my blog

In life it seems that we are always waiting for something to happen in our personal or professional life. If it's not finding the love of your life(still waiting), a new job (still waiting), crappy London trains(always waiting), an online purchase that you pray looks like the picture( I've had some dodgy items through my door,thanks EbaY!) or just wishing all your dreams will come true already!!! (still wearing that t-shirt). Basically I've decided not to wait for things to come to me, but rather go out and get it myself. I've been struggling personally and professional in my life for at least 5 years now and it's got to a point were I'm going around in circles and I'm constantly beating myself up because things are just not going my way. I guess this is why I've decided to blog (again) but really go for it!. I have so much i want to share with people and express, but it's so hard when you have a degree in Journalism and still feel unfulfilled :-(. Hopefully doing this blog, i will get lucky and discover my talent.

Unfortunately i suffer from a mild case of acute obsessive behaviour disorder, being a Taurus that's inevitable (sorry future husband and kids) 1. Food, yes I love my food, my mum always reminds me of glutton ways (like she doesn't love food) 2. Music, where would I be without my music, i love love love music, it's actually like a drug to me(I always need my daily fix). I actually get terribly annoyed when I've missed out on a great tune the first time round and then really excited that I've re discovered it! and all of the sudden that song is on rotation for at least a month! (not good) 4. shooooooooeeeeessss, like omg, i soooo turn into a Californian valley girl with a rich daddy when i see shoes i love( minus the rich daddy and the fact I'm from sunny south London).It's funny to me because i was such a tomboy for many years, even though deep down inside I still am and it's not like I prance around in heels on a daily basis, as i do have the grace of a gorilla, but I'm proud to announce this born again lady boy is weaning of the trainers, more on that soon! 5. Dance/Theatre/The arts, I love to dance, I've always wanted to be a professional dancer, sadly i never nurtured it, but i did do talents shows in high school.The theatre, my dad took my sister and I to watch Starlight Express when i was about 8 years old and I've been hooked ever since.6.Travel/culture, I love to travel, wish i had the means to travel three times a year, I'm an earth sign so sun, sea and sand suits me right down to the ground!7. Lastly, nostalgia, I love watching old movies, collecting old things like polaroid cameras,vinyls, vintage clothes and listening to songs from the past, it makes me feel so warm inside and happy. OK....I really don't have a clue about what I will post, it's gonna be pretty random but hopefully enjoyable! Jazz xox


  1. I enjoyed the first posting :) Hope there will be more too read!

  2. Hey Kati, thanks for checking out my blog, just checked out yours and it's great. Yep more to come , it will be a little slow for now, as i'm trying to get a new lap top, with better features, but will defo be posting soon. x


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