Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life:Dogs are a wo"man"s best friend

Just received some amazing news two days ago via email, that our family puppy is due at the end of March!. I couldn't even speak when I read this news because they have been a few problems with getting this breed in the past, because they are so rare and you have to be on a waiting list like forever, God was on our side for this miracle. OK, yes I know I'm jumping the gun a little bit, the puppy isn't even born yet, but it's a joy to hear such amazing news for once, instead of depressing news you hear everyday on the box or read in the newspapers. Besides I needed a little spring in my step as 2010 hasn't exactly been lighting up my fire with anything spectacular....yet. 2009 was toooo pathetic, don't get me wrong, I am (sometimes) grateful for what I have and whatnot, but seriously what the hell did i do that year!. Back to the point, the breed is called A Coton De Tulear (Cot-on dee to-lee-air), a Madagascan breed, it's sweet, loyal, watchful, strong, happy, friendly and will steal your heart and I recommend this breed to anyone, but WARNING! they cost an arm and a leg, but they are worth it. I'll keep you updated and hope everything goes well!
Note: Not my dog in the picture above, stolen from flickr ha! sorry!


  1. cute doggie
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  2. Love it Jazz!!so totally u my bff :-)

  3. awwww so cute



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