Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life:Michael Jackson Exhibition

OK, I know, I can't help but post MJ stuff, he is my favourite artist of all time. Today I went with my sister to the The 02 bubble to see the Michael Jackson exhibition as it was closing today and going to Japan. I couldn't take any pictures as it was strictly forbidden(boooooo) so all i can show is my ticket from my memory board. I loved it, it was very surreal because why would i need to see an exhibition of him when i had tickets to see him this month :-(. It feels like it's the end of an era, will there be a tribute concert?, is their anything mj related to come out of the wood works....... i doubt it?. I'm not a crazy fan or somebody that would sell my car to see him, but he has been in my life musically for almost 25 years, how do you let go of that? .

I also bought "This is It" DVD on Friday and that really felt like, "this is it", the last piece of his legacy to share to the world :-(.

The exhibition had costumes dating back to the early seventies, pictures, awards, messages, posters, props from videos, the outfits he would of worn for his 50 sold old concerts, in my home town, STUNNING! by they way. But the most amazing thing of it all, was the diverse people in there, i mean that's nothing new, Micheal was known for his diverse following, but to see young, old, white, black and everything in between, it touches my heart, the message book had me chocking a bit too, little kids writing " mj I'm 5 years old" wow . When I was about to leave, I couldn't help but reflex and ask myself, "why do i love this man so much, why did his untimely death effect me this hard? and then I realised he made me happy through his dance, smile, music videos, performances, concerts,songs and magic. Michael wasn't in the best shape of his career, but to dedicate himself to his art all for the sake of his fans is crazy because, as humans we can be incredibly selfish. I believe he would of done the full 50 shows, not because he could do it, but when thoes lights turn off, the fans scream, the intro music starts and then the spotlights hit him, i think Micheal would of just turned it on and braved through his physical and emotional pain, like a true professional, but at what cost?......we now know the answer to that question.R.I.P Mike!

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